Import and Export Business

header_pic_importsTrade is not new to humankind. It is as old as humans. Pr-historic humans traded shells and salts and we trade every item that you can think of. Things have changed 360 degrees with the advent of modern technology. Trade has emerged as the hottest industry because it benefits both parties.

Imports and exports are the two major aspects of trade. Import means to buy certain products from other countries to meet the needs of the people of your country. Exports are products produced by your country and sold to other countries to meet their requirements.

Import and export companies have emerged to make this process easier for the people. It has turned into a lucrative business so more and more players are coming into the industry. You can make a trade inquiry from these import and export companies. They charge a certain amount for this job.

Main Reasons for Imports
The main reasons for imports are price and availability. There are many things that you cannot grow in your country due to unfavorable condition. A product needs feasible condition to grow. Some products are cheaper when imported from other countries as compared to producing it in your country.

Target Market
It is important for import and export business to target the market they want to cater. Determine who your clients will be. Which geographical location would you focus on? Proper market research can make a big difference and play a key role in success of your import and export business.

Starting Cost
To start new business, you need to make an investment in the first place. For an import and export business, you need to invest between $5000 and $20000 depending upon the scale of your business. You have to spend money to earn it in business.

What you will need
If you want to start a new import and export business then you will need the following items.

  • Computer
  • Phone
  • Internet connection
  • Fax machine
  • Printer
  • Travel expenses for marketing research on foreign land

Import and export companies charge 10 percent as fees. These fees are based on the cost of the product from the manufacturers. They charge you 10 percent of the price of the product. Additional cost include shipping, packaging and insurance.


E- Trade- A Growing opportunity for your business – the easiest path!

import-exportIn today’s digitized world of internet and the popularity of World Wide Web to soaring heights; the internet from the nontechnical mob to the evolution of retailers and business industries; has become a stunning recipe of advertising and an act of direct-sale domain. This phenomenal methodology of buying and selling through this medium of internet; commonly known as e-trade is providing an opportunity for consumers and retailers to purchase or sell their goods from dealers and customers around the globe by using the analogous method instead of visiting to a shopping mall or involvement of any physical store for retail.

The objective to give you a bare bone for starting an e-trade; let’s talk about on your ride.
–          A brand name
–          A stylish selling intention
–          A website with loads of products
–          Ability to collect payment and deliver goods
–          Regular traffic

As it’s an ocean of opportunities due to the provision of different interfaces to market and dealing with unlimited consumers under the sun, it also faces immense challenges when running online. For running a successful e-trade, some diluted characteristics should be followed:

Start with something different
Look into some important points and think as a customer. Why client should visit or are your merchandise exclusive? Is the price lowest as compare to other? How’s your customer support? Is your import export business strongly connected with your business structure to respond readily? These issues are the basic soul searches, which will lead you in e-trade as you cannot sell everything to everybody. Make sure to stand out differently in your consumer’s mind to get them immersed. Seemingly looking all over the world becomes as effortless for themes peeping down the market.

Grasp the right technology
With the variety of software and hosting facilities these days, there is no explanation why e-trade is not the future trading concept; just getting hold of the accurate technology with free bugging to achieve results.

Avoid clicking customers mouse
Visiting your website for a customer should be like visiting a shop, make the purchase simple for your business. Give your customer surprises rather than wasting his time just filling introductions. Giving them straight path towards the cart will follow their heartbeats around towards you.

Lock your supply chain
To satisfy customer’s deed is the scene behind the scene. Childish mistakes will make the fallout of customer’s weakness and their comments might perturb your image. Incorrect, damaged, delayed shipment or missing component is typical mistake you might never want to step in. The securing aspect of your successful e-trade business is the supply chain management. Even the most incredible design or fashioned cart or discounts will amount to nil of the supply chain is of substandard.

Pricing technique
Be careful when managing pricing policy; do not be tempted to cut-pieces. This is just the beginning. As traffic is jammed towards your interface with the appeal of offerings and price, you’ll feel impressed.


trade businessThe increasing global activities engage a number of other aspects with them such as trade facilities and its development. The trade is taken as an important aspect because it is the best means of increasing the economic activities and giving a positive aspect to the economy so that it will grow to its peak. For this purpose, the government is required to attain the policies that are in favor of trade and create an environment, which promotes efficient and low cost trade services and logistics. These policies should reflect the private engines to get the idea that the trade is a powerful one for their acceleration of growth as well as poverty reduction for further instructions there are trade business inquiry form to guide them through.

Impact of the Trade Facilities on Export

The World Trade Organization (WTO) is the organization, which came into being so that it could control and manage the trade policies all over the world. It has shown a rapid expansion in the past decades. The real cause behind this great deal expansion is the changing of the nature of the production and increased competition in international markets. The multilateral trade negotiations are another important factor that contributes to the growth in trade and this acquires a period round of success. Depending on this continual success of policies, the WTO put in consideration the tariffs that are the taxes paid if in case of goods are exported crossing the borders of the nations. As the time changed, the trade policies also moved forward towards new policies that engaged the policies with the non-tariff barriers to trade that included trade facilitation. This impact could be sought through the expanded and rapid growth of the world trade over the past decades. The trade facilitation includes a wide range of activities centered on lowering trade transaction costs.

Performance of Trade Facilitation

A number of empirical evidences are found in the context of the impact of the trade facilitation on exports getting competitiveness and showing a high growth. For instance, WTO is conducting researches that are entirely based on the issue that are concerned with the trade facilitation as well as its belongings on trade, economic growth, and development. These researches concluded the stronger understanding of the actual relationships between trade costs, trade facilitation, private sector growth, and export competitiveness in developing countries. It also explored that there are dynamic gains associated with lowering of the trade transactions costs and also with the identifying the relative importance of related reform measures.

The Gains from Cutting Trade Costs

Here, a question arises regarding the gains of the cutting trade costs. The researches indicate that by lowering trade costs and trade facilitation they could acquire gain with some variation across countries and sectors. In this case, the WTO suggested that by giving a raise to the global capacity in trade facilitation that are the port efficiency, customs, regulatory transparency, and information technology that are used in trade transaction, are the intermediate level pathway towards the increasing world trade in the global context.

Influence of Contemporary Technology on Global Trade

word-trade-internationalContemporary technology basically means the amalgamation of communications devices and computers as they have advanced a lot and helps in handling information. These advancements have impacted the law and the practice both substantially. The modern technology has enhanced and expanded the global trade significantly. For this purpose, trading company is introduced to make online trade more easy and reliable for the firms. This technological advancement has replaced paper work and introduced electronic data interchange in the global world for the purpose of trade.

Contemporary Technology
Contemporary technology mainly includes the vast and wide use of computers, machines, and communicating devices in order to know the current position of trade in the global world.

Computers and Communications

  • The most widely used tool for the purpose of communication is computers. The direct link of computers with networks of communication has affected a lot on world trade.
  • With the advancement in the field of technology, the trade has become simple and now conducting trade and dealing with the exporters and importers has become easy.
  • Now communication can be done at any moment with the people living in different countries. Hence, computers and communications has positively affected the global trade and this is the also the reason behind expansion and efficient movements of trade.
  • With the use of technology and communicating devices, the essential discussions regarding import and export and the payments to be made have become simple and trouble-free.
  • With the help of computers and internet, the companies can search for all the online stores working and earning on the basis of importing and exporting its goods and services and gain the idea about the competitive market for a particular product in the global world.
  • Due to such vast and fast amount of available information, the global trade has enhanced and people have kept their step in the world of trade in order to earn profits and revenue from international sales.

Artificial Intelligence

  • There are certain circumstances in which machines work efficiently and reasonably as compared to humans. As with the passage of time machines have become smarter they now take over the task of humans even in the area of global trade.
  • At the time of placing order for replacement, organizations often follow mathematical models related to stock control.
  • In modern days, such types of models are running on the computers, which give notification to the concerned person regarding order for either import or export.
  • Now with the help of advanced technology, the message in the proper format is sent to the supplier with the help of machine and this message is often sent automatically according to the set time.
  • Therefore, now the procedure for making contract with the supplier either for import or export purpose has become very quick and reliable as the relevant information is entered on the computer and then further processes are conducted resulting in the formation of contract.
  • All these processes are conducted by machines and result in automatic formation of contract.

Business – Magnetize Your Customers

Business - magnetize your customersE-commerce is the most trendy business fashion in our revolutionary society, as over 225 countries worldwide with over estimated 25 million-internet users, there are enormous growing opportunities for businesses and connection with buyers. Business means buy and sell, whereas trade means transaction and the rise of new technologies have resulted in the increasing growth of digital web stores offering products at a single marketplace. Setting up an online store is not easy as it requires careful planning and steer mechanism with fresh initiatives in mind. One simple question always taps your mind; how to get big in this bazaar. Here’s a roundup to get universal eyeballs on your merchandise.

  • Delve before stepping in
    Whether you have the observation or not, the window-shopping product might be able to capture the market of a country you have never thought of. Take time to explore the trend in markets and get the history of required products. A particular product hitting sales record might be of an interest to go with.
  • Erect a domain
    The foremost precedence of capturing new clients is to create a website with roots of information about you, business and product with contact info. Highlight the interests such as detailed description, announcements, grace to attract and cultural thoughts. With a brief intro on the web, try to cover up yourself with the social media to grasp attention.
  • Shipping Dimensions
    In order to get queries internationally, get search engines recognize you as international shippers as this might be a tough response; the shipping cost. Don’t get frustrated, get yourself a complete pricing structure from local and international trade services, and compare them to get the most advantage.
  • Indulge through communication
    The information on the website about the product must be descriptive for international buyers who trip your shop. It’s important to answer all questions and send them satisfied, this will inspire them and if they buy from the other side of the world, they are assured the product is of their choice. Place a translator on your website for other language buyers, as it will help you get market through word-of-mouth.
  • Join the Globe
    There are many organized global marketing host shops where you can place your product and show to the community of buyers. There are tons of buyers waiting for something new and attractive. Once you are introduced, you’ll start getting orders from around the globe and have to keep a track of your travel. Just maintain the price with collective shipping rates, making you sail smoothly.
  • Pay attention to time and price
    For better interactions with international clients, keep the time zone intact by checking the clock before giving a call. Do most conversation via email and talk by phone only by pre-arranged time even you have to wake up in the mid night. You should also come up with standard payment methods like PayPal for easy processing from clients and easy shipping. Check the Forex rates before offering or make use of online trade inquiry.

Have any other ideas to capture the market and expand business, please comment for better understanding of your views.

Important Considerations for Import of Goods for Your Online Store

imports of goodsThe best way to obtain high quality products in reasonable prices is to import goods. But in order to be successful, there are some of the logistical issues that need to be worked out properly. For importing goods for your online store, you are at first expected to conduct complete inquiry through online trading platform so that any sort of haphazardness can be avoided. Therefore, you have to keep in view the following matters in order to avoid any worse circumstances and cope up with the business requirements in terms of import of goods from overseas for your online store.

Extensive Lead Times
If you want that vendors should start making your products immediately then you are supposed to place an order at first and make a down payment so that they are able to cover the cost of materials needed. You have to wait for about approximately one to four months in order to receive your product depending on the nature of your items. The lead-time typically is of 3 months when an order is placed for online store. Therefore, for this reason you have to make plans for ahead and foresee demands.

Minimum Order
In case the order is placed overseas, then you must place a hefty minimum order for your product. Don’t get embarrass before ordering the minimum number of products as the manufacturer may not produce because everyone has their own limitations and capabilities.

Terms of Payment
Terms of expecting payments are different for every manufacturer. Most of them prefer to get their payment by wire transfer. You are expected to make some down payment at the time of placing order and then pay the balance amount at the time of shipment of your order. For effective payment services, it is necessary that there is mutual trust between your vendor and you otherwise issues can be created which are expected to be handled by the escrow services. Of course, this trust can be created over time.

Barrier of Language
Barrier of language is one of the serious issues faced by many of the vendors and manufacturers. Wholesalers and retailers of Asia are often not very much good in speaking English however, keeping communication along the lines of email could help a lot in reducing this barrier of language because most of the vendors have the ability to read English instead of speaking and understanding it when spoken. Because of language barriers much of the details are left un-understood and hurdles come at the time of delivery.

Dealing with the expected quality would be an issue at the start but at the time, this can be coped up with. Vendors expect to get the quality products and it is the duty of the manufacturer to deliver trustworthy and quality products within the time limit available for them. Variations in quality of the product can prove to be very disastrous for the image of the manufacturer.